Sunday Sessions-Planning My Week

Sunday Sessions-Planning My Week



My Organised Chaos Sunday Sessions - Planning My Week

Take the time to sit and plan your week on a Sunday. Your week will flow with less brain power and stress needed to make sure everything is on track. Put pen to paper and it will take the chaos out of trying to remember everything. 

Planning your meals is a lifesaver in itself. It makes shopping easier and also means you are not at the supermarket 5 times a week wondering what to cook. It will also save you money and less food waste. So many wins! 

Reminders including bills to pay, people to call means that you will finish the week ticking things off your list like a superstar. 

And then there is you. Make time for you. Fit at least one thing in that is good for your soul. You deserve it. 

You can rely on SUNDAY SESSIONS to add calm to your chaos. 


- 210mm x 297mm (A4)

- 50 tear off pages

- Designed in Melbourne, Australia

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