Track It Real-Habit Tracker Sticky Notes

Track It Real-Habit Tracker Sticky Notes

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For those who love the tangible nature of measurable outcomes, tracking growth and celebrating progress, these are a quick and effective way to keep on top of daily habits and routines.

Simply cross off [or fill in] circles for each habit, with the corresponding day of the week.

Some tracking prompts to get you started: hydration, daily step goals, meditation, workouts, taking medication, mood, journalling, hours of sleep, watering plants, prayer, reading, calling your mum, or doing something kind… whatever matters most to you!

This accessory is designed to fit perfectly into the notes section below Saturday + Sunday in our signature weekly planners, and can also be easily lined up to fit in the pages of our daily or A4 planners.

The accessory can easily be stored in your planner’s back pocket, or you can attach them to each week at the beginning of the year 


Includes 60 peel-off pages, to set you up for a full year of good habits

Sticky note pages are 110mm wide x 58mm tall

5 spaces for habits per page, with corresponding circles for days

Champagne gold foiled edging

Designed in Melbourne

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