The Grow Journal Teen 12yrs +

The Grow Journal Teen 12yrs +



The Grow Journal supports tweens and teens to navigate their ever changing worlds with confidence, optimism and self belief.

When tweens and teens use the Grow Journal they: 

Learn how to speak kindly to themselves 

Learn how powerful their mindset is, and how to create a positive one

Gain confidence in their uniqueness

Learn how to focus on the good in their lives

Develop self awareness

Receive a ‘toolkit’ with targeted support in 14 important areas of their lives (including friendships, comparison, body image, goals, and self worth) 



A5 cover, soft PU leather

77 unique double pages

120gsm FSC certified paper that is pencil, pen, and texta/marker friendly

High quality binding that opens flat for easy use

Page divider ribbon and elastic bookmark

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