Slim wallet Dutch Martin

Slim wallet Dutch Martin


Night Blue

The most iconic wallet and the perfect all-rounder.
The Slimwallet is compact in size and surprisingly large in storage capacity.
With a wide variety of styles and colours, it fits every pocket.
The patented mechanism allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion, ready for immediate use.


The aluminium protects from bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication.


Homegrown craftsmanship

Martin Antheunisse is a Dutch craftsman who specialises in leather finishing.

Leather with a characteristic appearance and feel, developed and produced exclusively in the Netherlands.

The coating is transparent and natural due to the use of wax, oil and grease.

The hard carnauba wax makes the leather scratch-resistant and water-repellent.

This gives it a natural gloss that deepens over time.

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