Notepad Packing List

Notepad Packing List



Don't forget!

This handy Packing List pad will help ensure you never leave for a trip without your essentials!

Categories include ''Basics'' (phone/tablet, headphones, passport, etc.); ''Clothes'' (underwear, socks, shoes, etc.); ''Toiletries'' (soap, toothbrush, eyeglasses, etc.); and ''Additional Items'' (travel documents, insect repellent, gloves, prescription, camera, etc.).

Includes space to note ''Date of Trip'' and ''Place.''

Tearable sheets allow you to take your list on the go.

Check things off as you get them packed!

60 sheets.

Thick, smooth-finish paper supports a variety of pens and pencils.

Note pad measures 6'' wide x 9'' high.

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