My Personal Health Record Keeper

My Personal Health Record Keeper

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Your health. Your history. Your records -- right at your fingertips!

With the changing face of health care, it's important to stay on top of your own health management and medical history.

When was my last tetanus shot? Was I prescribed this medicine before? Did I suffer any side effects from it? How long ago was it that I started taking vitamins?

Now you can have the information you need in a portable record keeper you can take with you on medical visits! This helpful book includes space to record your:

Personal profile (i.e., blood type, allergies).

Insurance and pharmacy information.

Doctors' and specialists' information.

Family health history.

List of surgeries, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits.

Vaccination records.


Vision and dental history.

History of ailments (i.e., symptoms, treatments, durations).

Office visits (i.e., test results, diagnoses, prescribed treatments,? medications).

Sturdy bookbound hardcover.

Elastic band attached to back cover keeps your place or keep book closed.

Measures 5-3/4 inches wide x 8-1/4 inches high.

128 pages.

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