Luxe Linen Heat Pillow

Luxe Linen Heat Pillow


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Relax Dove

Luxe Linen Heat Pillows are Australian made and filled with a healing blend

Heat Pillow is the perfect remedy to heal and restore your body with natural balance.

The ingredients can provide a sense of clarity and focus relieving stress and easing tension.

They can be used heated or cooled to relieve aches, pains, bruising or swelling.

Use as a safe alternative to a hot water bottle.

Dimensions: 40 x 14 x 3 cm
Weight: 800g

Directions for use
Heat pillow: Simply put your heat pillow in the microwave and heat on high for two minutes.

Remove the heat pillow and put directly on your neck or ache to relax and reduce tension.

You can also cool your heat pillow in the refrigerator and apply in the same manner to offer cool relief and reduce swelling or bruising if required.

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