Cards For Kids

Cards For Kids



Say hello to the very beginning of Collective Hub Kids range! Beginning with four card decks for varying age groups utilising positive psychology, designed to educate and inspire your young ones.

Product Details:
170mm X 115mm X 35mm
Hard cover box with magnetic closure
52 cards
Includes wooden lookalike stand included 
Recommended for ages 4+

How Do I Feel

This deck of 52 cards is designed to help kids (and grown ups) learn the language and range of human emotions to better understand themselves and encourage kindness and empathy. 

Learning About Me

Help kids develop into the wonderful, magical person they’re meant to be.

Each card uses positive language and engaging illustrations to explain concepts such as kindness, curiosity and self-love.

My Daily Routine

These cards are a fun way to introduce your mini to routine and cheer them on as they take their first steps towards independence. 

I Love My Planet

This deck includes 52 cards designed to be chosen at random, each one explains an idea to help you show your love for the Earth and keep our environment, wildlife, insects, rivers and oceans happy!


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