Our Family Tree

Our Family Tree



Family matters. Climb up into your family tree and start exploring its limbs and branches!

This friendly organizer will enable you to record the story of your family.

Fill-in pages for details about family genealogy, children, relatives, pets, family gatherings, favorites, traits, your world, and much more!

Leaf through this book, select a section, and begin!

In the end you'll have a keepsake you'll want to preserve for yourself and for future generations to come.

104 pages.

Acid-free/archival paper.

Concealed wire-o hardcover binding.

Measures 8-1/2 inches wide by 11 inches high.



Tips to Start Your Search

Our Family Tree

Our Family

Our Marriage

Our Children

Our Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

Parents (Her Side)

Parents (His Side)

Grandparents (Her side)

Grandparents (His side)

Our Ancestral Charts

Family Matters

Family Milestones (A Timeline)

Our Family's World Today

Our Pets

Places Our Family Has Lived


Family World Map



Family Gatherings

Religious Milestones

What We Like

Events & Experiences That Have Brought Us Closer Together

What Makes Our Family Special

Family Health

Family Treasures

Military Service

Family We Miss

Family Photographs, Mementos, & Additional Notes

Sources of Information

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