Secret Gardens

Secret Gardens

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In Secret Gardens, readers experience the magic of discovering beautiful, intricately planned and meticulously cultivated hidden worlds. More than 200 spectacular images showcase 14 private gardens, extraordinary examples of landscape design that are inaccessible to the public, and which have never--or very rarely--been featured in any publication. From France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Caribbean, and more, these gardens offer a dizzying range of horticultural and conceptual diversity. The designers reflect on the steps that went into bringing the garden to life, and the book concludes with biographies of landscape architects whose work is featured within, explaining the creative vision of some of the most respected design professionals working today.

Landscape gardens featured include:

Fernando Caruncho, Majorca, Spain

Jinny Blom, Hertfordshire, England

Timothy Vaughan, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Louis Benech, Pays d'Auge, France

Geoff Haughey & Richard Cadness, near Auckland, New Zealand

Ludwig Gerns, Germany

Dominique Lafourcade, Provence, France

Vladimir Sitta, Sydney, Australia

Erwan Tymen, Finistere, France

Fiona Brockhoff, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Erik Dhont, Normady, France

Gordon Collier, New Zealand

Pascal Cribier, Normady, France

As they are private gardens, most do not have official names.

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